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Welcome to Tandoor & Grill

Presenting Tasty and Classical Indian Cuisine for the last 25 years

It is said that "Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something". The quote applies directly to our respected customers in which many of them know a lot about the Indian Food and many of them know at least something or a little bit about that. The fact is, the several families of Indian Cuisine are well-known by their world-wise and precise use of different spices and herbs. All of the families of Indian cuisine are recognized by a random selection of dishes and cooking tricks and techniques. These selections of spices and different assortments are the fundamental elements to raise the flavor of a dish and make some unique flavors and fragrance.Tandoor & Grill Restaurant is the one Indian cuisine restaurant that is serving classical and selected food of Indian cuisine along with its original taste situated centrally in Saint Petersburg Russia. Located at the DEKABRISTOV ST.49, the restaurant is presenting its wide collection of food ranges from lightly spicy to feverish hot, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, soups, naan bread, lentils, spinach, chicken fish-lamb-shrimp, cheese, mushrooms, chickpeas and homemade taste sweets.So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our menu on this web page for more details of our mouthwatering Indian cuisine items.We would be glad to welcome you if you visit here and enjoy the tasty and selected foods in a cheerful surroundings as recommended and proposed by the Russian Citizen, The St. Petersburg Times and many domestic magazines and newspapers as well. We are certain that when you visit us once, you volunteerly will make the Tandoor & Grill Restaurant your second kitchen for your family, friends and for yourself.Our customers are well treated as our guests. Moreover, we focus on not only good customer service and affordable price, but also consider the good quality of food. The main aim of our restaurant is customer satisfaction.The name Tandoor & Grill is concerned with the Tandoor oven, which is consistently made of clay and has a bell shape which can either be fit into the earth fired with wood or charcoal having the temperatures of 480 degrees or rest above the floor. Tandoor cooking is a cultural way of Punjabi cookery in undivided Punjab. .
Basically, in India, Tandoori cuisine is culturally linked with Punjab as the Punjabis adopted the Tandoor on the level of region and got famed in the mainstream after the division in 1947 when Punjabis moved to Delhi. It was more common to have such tandoors in rural Punjab.There are still communal tandoor in some villages which is prior to 1947."Tandoor & Grill" follows his wide tradition and culture of cooking these elegant taste of curries and kebabs from its wide experience in supervising such locations in the DEKABRISTOV ST.49, Saint Petersburg Russia, MAYAKOVSKOGO ST.26, Petersburg Russia & Furshtatskaja st.35 Petersburg Russia as well.
The hidden secret of the delicious taste of the kebabs comes from particular marination overnight and scorching in a distinctive clay oven known as the "Tandoor".In this the Kebabs are baked delicately. Naans and Roti are also baked on the similar oven which makes the several varieties of main dishes.Keeping in view the new trends of vegetarian clubs opening world wide, Tandoor & Grill presents a large variety of vegetarian curries. Furthermore, its meat curries have made our customers satisfied in their taste and the traditional taste is brought to Long Beach. At the end, which is not the very end, the food ends with the sweet taste of the popular desserts and sweet dishes from West Bengal which have been approved throughout India. Nowadays, they got their fame all over the Western World, leaving the contributors with the sweetest taste till they are back again.We make you sure that you will take calm and pleasure during the visit of Tandoor & Grill and will fetch your family and friends to make them a part of this tremendous and delicious tradition.At last which can't be least, we have to say that we are always appreciated by our customers and thus continuously presenting them in the most friendly and comfortable environment for the last 25 years.We represented detailed information about our restaurant Tandoor & Grill and right now it is your turn to give us a chance to prove ourselves.

We are desperate to welcome you in Tandoor & Grill Restaurant! Hope to see you soon.